Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catch Up Post!

Well once again I have been slacking on my blog. Shame on me! Lots of things going on here. Currently my legs HATE me for starting up an old relationship with the elliptical trainer. Can you say jello? They ache so much I almost don't want to go to sleep 'cause I'm sure it won't feel any better in the morning. Thank goodness for ibuprofen! When I first got on the machine, I thought "There is no way in hell I will make it 6 minutes on this thing let alone 60 minutes! How did I ever do this before?!?!" 15 minutes later I found my stride and stuck it out the entire hour! Go me! I also cannot believe I haven't been using the damn machine sooner. How could I have forgotten what a major calorie burner this baby is?!?! My daily 3 mile walk was burning somewhere in the neighborhood of 240 calories and took me 50 mins. 1 hour on my long lost BFF burns 779 calories! Incredible! It's funny the things you forget.

I've been a little discouraged with my progress lately and it caused me to have a cheat meal. Just one meal though and surprisingly it really didn't do any damage. I know this because I have a problem. A BIG problem. My big problem is I am addicted to the scale. I weigh myself EVERY morning. I know I shouldn't but I simply can't stop. It's like my version of heroin. I just can't quit. I NEED to know what my weight is and see my progress or lack of progress. And I know weight fluctuates daily. It's just so frustrating sometimes! Up one day, down the next and all I want to see is DOWN. I was complaining about it to my hubby when he asked me where I was overall. So I stopped bitching and checked my log. Since Oct 2nd (when I started keeping my log) I have lost 8lbs. I thought, "That's IT??" Then I thought about what today's date is and realized I have lost 8lbs in 3.5 weeks! Major upper! That's a little more than 2lbs/week! I'm so close to my first goal! 2 more lbs and the baby weight is gone! Then 5 more lbs and I will weigh what I did on our wedding day! Then it's seriously GAME ON.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feelin' good :)

I finally feel like I am back on track! Been eating well and drinking more water and have started walks again. I found a really great (and free) app on my phone that I can enter in what I eat and it tracks my calories for me so that's a big help. Almost all of my bad cravings are gone (except you evil delicious Starbucks and your yummy fall drinks). I looked into some yoga or pilates classes but the monthly fees were a little pricey so I got a couple different dvds to do instead. Much cheaper. I am so ready to be rid of my extra lbs and to shop for a new wardrobe! Weekly weigh in tomorrow!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm so happy that fall is finally here. Tired of the hot Vegas summer and ready to move on! Plus I love my fall wardrobe so much more than my summer one :)  Another reason I love fall is SOUP! I know, I know, you can eat soup anytime of year. Not me. There is just something about hot soup in the hot summer that doesn't work for me. Can't do it. Same thing with hot coffee. But I'm getting off track here. I just had the most filling lunch ever and it included soup! Progresso light soups are actually pretty tasty and very LOW in calories. A whole can of italian style vegetable soup is 140 calories! So that plus a yogurt (100 cals) and a sandwich (190) makes a 430 calorie lunch that feels like a 1000 calorie feast! Happy full tummy :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Got a new game plan!

The kiddos are momentarily occupied so I thought I'd get a quick post in! I have my plan of attack all worked out. I am going to do at least one physical activity (aside from chasing the babies around) every day, with Sunday being my rest day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday the hubs and I will either go on a walk or ride our bikes. Tuesday and Thursday will be lifting weights and Saturday with be either yoga or pilates. Sounds good right? Send me all your positivity to keep it up! Shooting for a loss of 15lbs (or more if I'm really good) by turkey day!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

one long post :)

I know I said I was going to try and blog more (which I still plan on!) but now that my little Noah is very mobile it has become harder than I thought it would be. He is constantly into everything, especially if I so much as LOOK at my computer or phone! The only time I get to myself now is when my boys are tucked in for the night. After that I'm cleaning up the house or catching up on my shows....but I WILL try to get a couple entries in here and there. 

Ok so where did I last leave you? It has been a not so great week. I know, I know I was all about the 10 weeks of strictness....yeah I already screwed that one up! Possibly even the same day I blogged! Ooops! I feel like I am full of all these great plans and intentions and then BAM! I let myself slip too easily. I don't know why I do it. I really honestly want to make healthy life changes and stick with them but sometimes my willpower sucks ass, plain and simple. 

I need to get back to the little things. Make a daily mini goal and achieve it. Then have two daily mini goals. And so on. I'm using the hubby's cheat days as an excuse to cheat and I really should not be doing that because he is almost at the end of his journey and into the maintenance phase, while I am pretty much at the beginning. In case you're wondering why hubby is so far ahead, we started out doing this together and then I got pregnant again and had to abandon the diet. Maybe another baby is in order.....KIDDING!!!!

I did hang the swimsuit above my scale so I can see it every day as a motivator. I also bought a really cute dress that doesn't fit (on sale for $20! thanks H&M!) and I want to be able to wear it this June in Mexico to our friends' wedding. It is also hanging up where I will see it every morning. I am trying to keep these things in my mind whenever I feel like overindulging so that maybe they can help stop me. 

I forgot to weigh myself wednesday like I had planned but I'm sure it wasn't good. I was right about retaining water weight from vacation (I was down 3lbs) but the bad days I had probably just added those right back. I think I will weigh myself tomorrow just to see where I am. I can't believe Noah is almost 8 months old and I STILL have baby weight! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! So frustrated with myself :(  

On a more positive note, I am so happy the weather is cooling off FINALLY! Walks are back! It just got too damn hot to take the babies on walks during the day and hubby was working nights so I didn't want to walk by myself after dark. Now he's on graves and we can go when he gets home at 10:30am. I am also going to start incorporating some light weight lifting a couple times a week and thinking about pilates too. I have a pilates dvd that I bought and have never done so maybe I'll give it a whirl. Or at least watch it ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football is gonna be tough...

I truly love football. I spend all season in front of the tv for college and pro. LIVE for football season. I realized today how sad this year is gonna be for me. In the past, hubby and I would watch the games with bloody marys, baileys & coffee or red beers and make a HUGE yummy breakfast. Something like potatoes, eggs, pancakes and sausage. Then for the afternoon/evening have some chili or beef stew in the crockpot and bake some cornbread with butter and honey. Not this year though :(

I don't know how I will make it through but I will find a way! I cannot wait to be at my goal so that next football season I can have some naughty days! Damn you delicious high calorie drinks and meals!

Is it Thanksgiving yet?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Back on track!

OK readers (Stacy&, no more messing around! GAME ON! No more excuses.  All the bdays and vacays and stuff are OVER so Hubby and I have both started 10wks of no cheating, eating healthy and exercising. This will bring us to Thanksgiving and let's be honest. There will be no dieting on Thanksgiving. PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!

Napa was a wonderful anniversary trip but the over indulging really got the best of me. Starbucks every morning, eating out every meal and all the wonderful wine tastings....ready???.....8 FREAKIN POUNDS GAINED!!!! WTF??!!??!! I gained more damn weight in 6 days of Napa than 2 weeks of eating pizza everyday in Iowa! How the hell does that make any sense?

Oh well it's over and I enjoyed every bite and sip so now it's time to just deal with it. I don't think I gained 8 true lbs though because the first day I went back to my healthy low cal, low fat diet I immediately dropped 1lb. I think all the sodium from the food & drinks was causing me to hang on to some serious water weight. We shall see next wednesday on my first "back to healthy living weigh in"!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here's to Cancun!

Sheesh! I didn't realize it had been this long since my last post! Well here goes. The truth is I haven't been a very good blogger lately because I haven't been a very good eater. I have not gained any weight but been maintaining. I DID lose all the vacation weight gain though! I just have been having a hard time with the motivation thing. Nothing is working. Plus we've had so many things going on, which have been my excuses for having naughty meals. So I've decided to once again mentally prepare myself for another strict 8 week segment of healthy eating and exercise AFTER we get back from Napa! This has always worked for me in the past so I'm hoping it will work again. That and the swimsuit I found in my drawer that I have never worn and would really really love to wear in Cancun this June! I am going to hang it up above my scale so I can see it every morning and hope that it works some magic on my brain :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

good day!

Yay! First day since vacation I haven't had an uncontrollable urge to binge! I might finally be getting back on track. Or maybe it's because I didn't leave the house and temptation never crossed my path. Either way.....YAY! I spent my day cleaning and playing with my babies :)  I'm really going to focus this week on losing 2lbs, even if the hubby decides to have a bad day. I WILL NOT JOIN HIM! 4 more weeks till Napa so maybe I can lose my final 2lbs of vacation weight and 6 more? Game on!

Friday, August 5, 2011

I will be good today...I will be good today...

This is my mantra for the day. I am going to get back on track for success. No more ice cream! It's early but so far I am on track! Healthy breakfast, been doing some housework, playing with my babies. Now time to run some errands and stay away from bad snacks while out and about! I will NOT get a mocha coconut frappuchino OR a chocolate chip cookie from starbucks! I WILL get a zero calorie iced passion tea! Every time I feel tempted I need to remember to look at my babies and think about being a healthy active mama for them! They deserve it and I owe it to them and myself!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snacky snacky

All I seem to want to do lately is snack all day long. Nothing bad like fast food or cookies but I can't seem to stay out of the pantry or refrigerator. Not sure why but it doesn't help me reach my weekly goals. I feel like I have lost the momentum I had going before vacation. And I guess some of my motivation as well. I still have 2lbs of vacation weight to go. I'm a tad disappointed in myself for not having lost all of it already. I'm not in a rush or anything, I want to continue to lose at a slow healthy pace but sheesh! I just need to get back on track already!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OK bad mama, no more...

So it seems I opened a flood gate of naughty snacking when I gave in and had that sundae on Sunday. (ha ha that sounds funny!) Not only did I have that bad day, then as previously reported we had pizza last night. And Ben & Jerry's. And now today I had a full flavor, full fat mocha coconut frappuchino AND chocolate chip cookie. WTF is wrong with me?!?! This crap needs to STOP. No more bad snacks. I think it's time to get the strict frame of mind back on track. It seems to be the only way for me to be successful. No more blaming the hubs or "that time of month"! I didn't have to eat the pizza or ice cream or Starbucks. I honestly wasn't even craving any of it. It was just there. I know I can do this, I've done it before. I need to keep making my small goals and keeping them in the front of my mind. NAPA TRIP! NAPA TRIP! C'mon Clark get with it :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad hubby!

I'm thinking that the hubs is not a good influence lately. He called on his break today to tell me that he ate delicious bad food so he's picking up pizza for dinner tonight. And I said OK??!!?? Where did my willpower formerly made of steel go?? I don't really even want pizza but I know I will eat it. Aaarrrggghhh!

naughty night

Well pooh! I was naughty last night! But I'm not mad at myself for it. Know why? Cause it's not the end of the world. I know that it's just a minor slip and I am right back on track today :)  I had a healthy breakfast and lunch and then came the triple berry sundae at Sam's Club. So I figured might as well have a dinner I'll really enjoy along with that and had Chili's big mouth bites. I enjoyed every bite too. I deserve a treat every now and then and as long as I am good 99% of the time I can have them.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm back Stacy :)

All right! Time to stop being a BAD blogger! And a bad dieter as well. I haven't been so strict since getting home so my vacation weight is coming off very very slowly. Been home for almost 4 weeks and have only lost 4 of the 6lbs I gained. I guess a loss is still a loss but I had hoped to have it all off by now and be on track to losing 10 additional pounds before our anniversary trip to Napa. Oh well I will just have to get over that and readjust my goal! My new weigh in day is Wednesday so we'll see where I am at this week and make a new Napa goal at that time! I better not gain 6lbs in Napa though!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

arrrggghh vacation!!!!

Well I knew it would happen. Vacation fun got the best of me. Ate & drank whatever I wanted for 2 whole weeks and gained 6lbs! Boo! Oh well. Time to get back on the healthy eating track for another 8 weeks. Why 8 weeks? NAPA!!!! It's our 5yr anniversary trip and I'm not gonna behave there either :)  My 8 week goal is to be rid of the 6 vacation pounds and hopefully 10 extra. That's 2lbs/wk. Kinda a tough goal but I'm going to give it my best shot! I don't feel bad about the vacay weight though cause I knew it would happen....and it's vacation!!!! Who the hell wants to diet on vacation?!?!? Not this chick! (obviously)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

5 more to go!

2 more lbs! Grand total of 20 lbs lost! 5 more and the baby weight is GONE! As much as I am looking forward to vacation, I really really hope I don't blow all of this hard work too badly. It's gonna be a challenge that's for sure. I think as long as I don't go CRAZY (bad food wise) and manage to get some exercise in I should be ok. Or at least that's the plan!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

happy! happy! joy! joy!

Ready to weigh in tomorrow am! Almost all of my clothes are fitting from before I got pregnant with Noah! I went shopping today and wasn't depressed! Clothes looked great! I feel great! Can you tell I'm excited?? Lol

Friday, June 24, 2011

Small Victory!

I just realized what a bad blogger I have been lately! First off my night out really threw me outta whack for a little bit! Then Nate & I got iphones so I have been obsessively playing with that and all the fun games you can download! Bad mama! Sorry to my readers :)  Oh and the babies and I have been playing outside in our little backyard oasis with sprinkler and baby pool!

Now for my small victory. I tried on a pair of capris from before I got preggo......and they fit!!!!! No better feeling and awesome motivation to keep going! YAY! This makes me so happy cause I was starting to feel like I was in a rut and not changing at all but I guess I was wrong. I am still looking forward to our trip though and taking a break from my strict diet! I almost caved a little early last night. We had been over at our friends house swimming and for some reason I really really wanted DQ afterwards. So hubby looked up a mini m&m blizzard for me.....ready?......370 calories and 18g of fat in a MINI!!!!!!! That curbed that craving right then and there! I couldn't believe it!

Well I will try and keep up better on my posts the next few days before we leave! I will also try and post a little on vacation :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

night out=fun for me, bad for diet!

Wow. This last week was blah. I had a TON of fun for girls night out but boy did I pay for it the next day! I'm surprised that it wasn't a 2 day recovery process! So for this weeks' weight loss....1lb! I'm kinda disappointed, kinda not. 1lb isn't the greatest but it's still a loss. I honestly thought my night out was going to kill my week. Luckily it didn't. The next day was the crappy part. I felt so awful all day-I didn't eat anything until almost 6pm! And what I did eat....BAD! I needed greasy fries! I cheated! I had McDonalds! Oh well it's a small bump in the road :) Total lbs lost = 18! Here's hoping this week is a great week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

night out!

Tonight might be a killer on the diet this week but I actually don't mind. I'm going out for the first time since Noah has been born and I deserve it! Dinner & drinks with the girls! Don't get me wrong-I'm not gonna go and order a 2000 calorie meal. I've already looked at their menu online and got the nutritional info so I know what I'm ordering ahead of time. I'm being as proactive as possible! It's the cocktails that will be the calorie killer. But I'll probably only have one or two and be done since I haven't had a drink in over a year! LOL! I am scared about how I'll feel tomorrow though! Thankfully the hubby is getting up with the boys and letting mama sleep in :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more hiking

I must be crazy but we're going hiking again. Maybe it won't be so bad now that I know what to expect...or at least that's what I'm telling myself. It really WAS a good tough workout, I just HATE BUGS!!!! Nasty vile things flying and buzzing around. *shudder* They give me the heebie jeebies. And I am truly terrified of bees. No joke. Just one bee will send me into tears because they always seem to come right for me and won't leave me alone. Why am I doing this again????

Monday, June 13, 2011

love thyself

I was looking at some pics of myself from high school and was wishing I could go back in time and smack that girl for ever thinking she was fat. I was so NOT fat! What the hell was I thinking? Granted I had no booty or boobs but sheesh! I don't think I have EVER been 100% happy with my body. Why is that? Why do we as women concentrate on what we dislike about ourselves instead of focusing on what we DO like? The older I am getting, the more accepting and comfortable I am becoming with my body. Maybe it helps to have had 2 babies and all your business on display for strangers? I don't know.  I DO know I will never have the body of...hmmm...getting old....don't know who is hot in pop culture right now...well let's just say a Victoria's Secret model and I am totally good with that. I just want to have the best body I can for ME and be healthy for ME and my boys. But I sure am glad to now have a booty and boobs :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Great week!

Well aside from being a little under the weather, I lost 3 more lbs! Total now is 17 lbs! Super happy :)  I think my illness helped out though so next week I imagine I will probably not have such a big week. Only 9 more lbs and I will be at my pre-Noah weight! THAT is exciting! I can't wait till ALL of my old clothes fit again! Then I can't wait till they don't fit cause they're too big. We all know what that means. SHOPPING!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted this week. Got some kind of bug with not a pleasant side effect (or butt effect). Went to dr today and hopefully the script he gave me will cure it. We'll see!

I did go hiking and it was tough. We hiked out at red rock canyon and my leg muscles are a little on the sore side. Gonna go back next week though. I'm still trying to decide if I like hiking or not. Kinda leaning towards not. Yeah it's great exercise and the scenery is beautiful but the big nasty bugs really kill it for me. And going uphill. And the possibility of giant poisonous snakes. And having 17 extra pounds of adorable Noah strapped on hurts my back. Ok honestly I just don't enjoy exercise. But it IS a necessary evil I must endure to get into shape. Why can't they just make a magic pill for metabolism?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

@llergies suck @ss!

So now that the evil wind has finally let up and it's supposed to be a beautiful day for a family hike out at red rock (yes Noah hikes. He's a very advanced 4mo old. lol) I wake up feeling like complete crap thanks to my allergies. You would think the windier days would have been my yucky feeling days right? Guess not! I started sneezing like crazy yesterday all day and today just feel like poo. Yes I take meds, I take two different meds! Sometimes the elements are just too powerful though. Ugh. Well hopefully I'll feel better soon. We're not going until later today so I have some time. And even if I don't feel better, I'm still going dang it! I love red rock! It'll be nice to have a scenery change for my exercise :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Starbucks 0 Traci 1

Some days I don't know where the willpower comes from, but I'm glad it does! Last night I fought a Starbucks mocha coconut frappuchino and chocolate chip cookie craving HARD and I WON! I was so close to getting in the car and going at 8:00 last night (and as I have stated before, it takes A LOT for me to round up the babies and leave my home at night). This morning I woke up not wanting them and very glad that I did not give in to temptation because I probably would've felt very guilty today. More good news-the wind is FINALLY supposed to blow outta here after today! YAY! I actually miss my walks and how good they make me feel. Just too much to try and push the stroller & babies in 40mph winds. This week is going to be a great week!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

blah blah blah

That's my opinion on this week. I only lost 1lb. Yay for losing something but boo on only 1lb :(  I don't think I've hit my slow down yet though. Lots of outside factors this week. I know I didn't drink enough water, get enough exercise or sleep and had too much stress. My lil' Hayden munchkin was sick so I spent my week focusing on snuggling with him. I now know every show on Nick Jr and all their theme songs. Oh well! It's not a race, it's a lifestyle change so I'm not going to let it discourage me or get me down. This week WILL be a better week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

it was worth it!

I caved! Hubby split a package of coconut m&m's with me last night. He saw me lusting after them in Target and bought them when I wasn't looking. They were SO DAMN GOOD! And actually only 105 calories and 4 grams of fat for half the bag. So it's not anything that will kill my diet :)  What a delightful, satisfying, delicious little bite of heaven! Plus we went on a long walk (in the damn wind) to make sure I burned off my little sinful treat. I have such a great supportive hubby! It definitely helped to curb my bad food cravings. Now back to behaving....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a new day...and craving...

Totally meant to blog yesterday but was just really not having a good day and didn't want to put all my negativity out there. Oh well! Today is a new and better day (so far)! This spring in Vegas is KILLING my allergies and outside walks! Boo on you Mother Nature! She is truly being bitchy this year!

Switching gears's probably no secret that I love chocolate. Especially M&M's. I really love coconut too. So imagine my heartbreak when I received a picture text from my sister-in-law of a package of COCONUT M&M'S!!!! It was mean enough of Starbucks to re-release the mocha coconut frappuchino 3 days AFTER I started my weight loss journey, but now this!!??!!?? I guess it's just one more treat for me to look forward to :)

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 30, 2011

doin' it for my boys!

Whenever I feel like I wanna throw in the towel and run for junk food all I really have to do is take a look at my sweet babies' faces. I love how much strength and motivation they give me! I'm so proud of my hubby and self for taking the steps to become healthy and active parents! They are worth everything and more to me :)  I can't believe it's been a whole month since I've eaten any crap food. I feel really good about that. I honestly didn't think I would be able to keep it up but now I know that I can. It just gets easier every day. Second nature to me now, like breathing. I'm still looking forward to July for some food fun though! Lol!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

wind be damned!

I was a little nervous about this week's weigh in. I followed my diet but didn't get much walking in because of the stupid weather. It's been so windy! Gusts of 40mph and I'm not going to push my babies' stroller in that crappy weather! I thought for sure that I would either stay the same weight or only lose 1lb. Well......I lost 3lbs this week! SO HAPPY!!!! This now puts my total at 13lbs in 4 weeks! See ya baby weight!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I dream of pizza....

I woke up yesterday morning and realized I had dreamt a very real dream of eating the most delicious cheese pizza I had ever tasted in my life. It went on and on and on. But the crazy part was I wasn't even craving pizza even after the dream! I must have satisfied the craving IN the dream! Now if I can only get my dreams to involve m&m's....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This one's for Stacy :)

This blog post is for my #1 fan who texts me something almost everyday about my blog. Love her :) So you asked me about my diet. I'll give you a typical food day in the new healthy life of this mama!

Breakfast-COFFEE with splenda and fat free coffeemate creamer (powdered stuff)
                 4 eggo nutrigrain whole wheat low fat waffles plain (just cause I like 'em that way! Nate uses butter spray and sugar free syrup) total calories 325

AM snack-yoplait light yogurt (fat free & 100 calories)

Lunch-turkey sandwich with lettuce, mustard and sometimes 1 wedge laughing cow cheese
            1 oz fat free pretzels and 2 diced peach fruit cups (del monte no sugar added only 25 calories!)
            total calories 430

Afternoon snack-Jello chocolate pudding sugar free 60 calories

Dinner-whatever the hubs makes! around 500 calories

PM snack-100 calorie snack size popcorn & caff free diet coke (I DO want to sleep!)

I also make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day and usually have a diet coke (with caffeine) at lunch. I don't eat the exact same things everyday but this give you an idea. Nate gets our dinner recipes from Rocco DiSpirito's cookbook (the one I told you about before & I think you bought) and the Biggest Loser Family cookbook. Hope this answers your question! Love ya and keep up the AWESOME work! Dieting sucks but the results are truly worth it! Yay for getting healthy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

daily chatter

Ooops! Didn't blog yesterday! Sorry loyal readers, forgive me? :) I guess I just didn't have much to say. I know, I know. ME not have anything to say? Yes it's true. Some days even I have quiet time. Not much new to report on the diet & exercise front. I am doing my 3 mile walk every day and am starting to feel stronger, both mentally and physically. I think my booty is looking better already! That's one thing I hope never goes away. I've always had a good booty at any weight. Never thought I'd be blogging about my booty....:) Diet is going good. Not bored yet which is a big plus for me cause typically I HATE eating the same types of food every day. I think I'm liking it now for the sense of caloric security. I know exactly how many calories I can eat each day and I know what foods to eat. Doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to vacation though!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Walking in Vegas....

I didn't walk yesterday and I feel guilty about it. I really just ran out of time :( Noah woke up late (surprise, surprise) and I had to run a couple errands before my photo shoot. Not trying to make excuses, but I should take ONE day off right? I did walk tonight my 3 mile route and it was so beautiful out! I think the temp was around 75 with a light breeze. When we move back to Iowa, I will miss this weather. Will have to join a gym or buy a treadmill cause there's NO WAY I'm walking in snowy cold crappy midwest winters! I really love being able to walk outside all year round. (this entry is taking forever to type-have a rowdy baby kicking my arm messing me up!) I'll truly miss Vegas but can't wait to get back to Iowa!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

week 3 = success!!!

Sooooo excited! Woke up, weighed in.....3lbs! This makes 10lbs in 3wks! I'm very excited and happy with my progress :)  Bye bye baby weight! Who knew? Good old fashioned exercise and watching what you eat really works! Lol! If I can keep up 3lbs/wk ALL my baby weight will be GONE by the time we take our Iowa trip (5.5wks till then). The very thought excites me but I'm going to stay realistic and be happy if I keep on track with my 2lbs/wk goal. Actually I'll be happy with any loss every week. Just don't want to stay even or gain!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So apparently being a mommy of two and working on losing the baby weight has made me forget a few things. This morning on my daily 3 mile walk (go me!) I was thinking to myself what a beautiful day it was, perfect temp, nice light breeze blowing my leg hair....YIKES! Yup. That's right. Felt the breeze blowing my LEG HAIR! YUCK! Needless to say, I shaved today.

Excited to weigh in tomorrow morning! I feel like it's been a good week. Have my daily walk down and it's kickin my butt! Or helping to shrink it, either way, it's great! Feel like I've kicked the nasty snacking habit too. Have been doing awesome keeping my daily calorie deficit at 1000 or more so I should have lost at least 2lbs! Hoping for more but I won't be disappointed if it's not :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

damn housework!

This makes me not so happy and thrills the hubby. Doing housework daily actually does BURN calories! Anyone who knows me, also knows how much I loooove to clean (note sarcasm). So I guess I'll just have to suck it up and keep on cleaning!  Explains how my former housekeeper was so tiny........

Doing better with the H2O consumption. Have been awake for 2hrs now and have had 2 bottles of the wet stuff! And a BIG mug of coffee to help power me through all this cleaning. As soon as my lazy baby Noah wakes up, we can go on our daily walk. I think he likes sleeping more than Nate, Hayden and I combined!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

my goal(s)

So I realized that I haven't mentioned any specific goals, other than "baby weight". I ended up gaining 50lbs with Noah (I blame the 10 wks of bed rest) and the first 25lbs dropped off fast with no effort. This last 25lbs, however, is not going away so easily. Hence the diet!

After I shed the baby weight, I am going to take this further. I want to be a healthy and active mama for my boys! At this point in time, I plan on losing an additional 25lbs for a total of 50! I know it's a big goal but I also know I can do it :)  I don't expect overnight results (I am realistic, but wouldn't that sure be nice?) so this will take some time. I'm using my blog as an extra form of accountability, so if any of my readers out there (hello? anyone?) feel like commenting-DO IT! Encouraging words, yell at me, whatever! I would love to hear other people's thoughts and experiences as well.

Side note-the m&m dreams are subsiding....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the commercials are out to get me

I hate commercials at Christmas. Every other commercial shown is for jewelry (every kiss begins with....SHUT UP!) or new cars. Now that I'm carefully watching what I eat, I swear every commercial on is for some new delicious high calorie piece of heaven that I can't have! I would swear off tv for awhile but am very addicted to the new amc show The Killing. Oh July can't get here fast enough! (July is vacation! No dieting on vacation!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

must drink more water, must drink more water....

Why is it always the little things we forget to do? Not only is water really good for your EVERYTHING, but it definitely helps keep that full feeling in my post baby belly! My new little goal for today (and every day) is to try and make sure I drink plenty of H2O.

I almost caved last night and went to get crap food for dinner. Luckily I texted a few of my cheerleaders and they encouraged me to drop the car keys. That and I'm too lazy to leave the house at night. It really is a pain to pack up two boys under 2, so when I go somewhere it REALLY needs to be worth it!

Someone out there, please enjoy some m&m's for me!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Only Human....

Yup that's right. Had a tiny slip up last night. Overdid it on the snacks. Granted they were all healthy snacks at 100 calories each, but when you have a few too many.... Oh well, today is a new day! I think I have it figured out though. I seem to only "be hungry" late at night so I think I'm just bored. Time to go to bed, not the pantry! I'll just go for an extra long walk tonight to make up for it :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slacker Mama blogger is at it again!

Hey all! I'm baaaaack :)  This time around I promise to try to be a better blogger (riiiiiight you're all thinking).  I was reading through my old blog all about bed rest and even though I wasn't the best lil' blogger ever, I did enjoy it. So now I will take you all on my baby weight loss journey and hopefully beyond! 

I just completed week 2 of my diet and have lost 2 more lbs for a total of 7! I'm super happy with that considering I thought I wouldn't lose any (lost 5lbs week 1) this week.  And NO I am not doing some crazy fad diet thing, just good old fashioned counting calories!  I really despise dieting, but it will all be worth it in the end. Getting back into my clothes and being healthy for my family is great motivation! I hope this little blog of mine will be somewhat entertaining and maybe even a little inspirational!