Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catch Up Post!

Well once again I have been slacking on my blog. Shame on me! Lots of things going on here. Currently my legs HATE me for starting up an old relationship with the elliptical trainer. Can you say jello? They ache so much I almost don't want to go to sleep 'cause I'm sure it won't feel any better in the morning. Thank goodness for ibuprofen! When I first got on the machine, I thought "There is no way in hell I will make it 6 minutes on this thing let alone 60 minutes! How did I ever do this before?!?!" 15 minutes later I found my stride and stuck it out the entire hour! Go me! I also cannot believe I haven't been using the damn machine sooner. How could I have forgotten what a major calorie burner this baby is?!?! My daily 3 mile walk was burning somewhere in the neighborhood of 240 calories and took me 50 mins. 1 hour on my long lost BFF burns 779 calories! Incredible! It's funny the things you forget.

I've been a little discouraged with my progress lately and it caused me to have a cheat meal. Just one meal though and surprisingly it really didn't do any damage. I know this because I have a problem. A BIG problem. My big problem is I am addicted to the scale. I weigh myself EVERY morning. I know I shouldn't but I simply can't stop. It's like my version of heroin. I just can't quit. I NEED to know what my weight is and see my progress or lack of progress. And I know weight fluctuates daily. It's just so frustrating sometimes! Up one day, down the next and all I want to see is DOWN. I was complaining about it to my hubby when he asked me where I was overall. So I stopped bitching and checked my log. Since Oct 2nd (when I started keeping my log) I have lost 8lbs. I thought, "That's IT??" Then I thought about what today's date is and realized I have lost 8lbs in 3.5 weeks! Major upper! That's a little more than 2lbs/week! I'm so close to my first goal! 2 more lbs and the baby weight is gone! Then 5 more lbs and I will weigh what I did on our wedding day! Then it's seriously GAME ON.

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  1. Hurray for you! Keep up the great work. You are beautiful all the time! Love, your mother