Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Catch Up :)

Well I guess I've been busy ignoring my poor little blog and losing weight! Woot woot! I am now down all the baby weight plus some extra for a total of 42lbs lost! YAY! I feel great! I am so excited about this journey I'm on, especially now that I'm in the home stretch :)  It's within reach and I will not stop till I am at my goal....which is to be a healthy, active FIT mama! I don't have a specific number settled on but a range in where I think I'll be happy. My doctor told me he thought 17 more lbs and I will be there but I think maybe a little more. We'll see. (and the number I told him he said is healthy too. just might be hard to get to since I haven't been there in a VERY LONG TIME!)

I notice in my last post I was raving about the elliptical trainer....I have since changed my tune! I started to wear my BMF again (it's like a body bugg) and WOW! That evil machine DOES NOT BURN SHIT FOR CALORIES!!!! So I am back walking outside. I can walk really fast for an hour, go a little over 4 miles and burn 500 calories. I can even JOG some! (for those that know me well, running is something I DO NOT DO!!!!)

I'm pretty proud of myself. Weight loss isn't that difficult. Just takes time, patience and dedication. You really have to want to make a change. And I do. So I am :)


  1. Yay! I'm on my way up, but hoping I will be as motivated as you once the baby's out! Until then, I'm shamelessly eating for 2! :) Keep up the great work, and enjoy!

  2. Thanks! When are you due? I keep telling Nate I'm gonna get knocked up again so I can have an excuse to eat like that too! ;)

  3. The week of April 9th they will schedule my c-section. I'm excited, but I can wait too, there's so much to do before then!