Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update time!

So I realized today (when my friend Kim reminded me-thanks Kim!) that I have a blog. And I haven't been blogging. So here's what has been happening in my "working on being a MILF" world.  I hit a BIG milestone--50lbs LOST! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone keeps asking me what I am doing. Well here's the big "secret"...... EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE! Yup that's it. No crazy fad diets or powders or pills. Just made up my mind to do it and DID IT! I have worked very very hard to get to where I am now. I count my calories religiously. If I eat a BITE of something, I log it. I use an app called "my fitness pal" to keep track of everything I eat every day. I'm not perfect, I have a cheat meal here and there but I don't go crazy. I am really focused on getting to my goal ASAP because once I am there I can incorporate the "fun" foods again, but in moderation. I exercise six days a week. I run outside, go to the gym, do Zumba, something.  I make sure I move at least an hour a day (and when I say move I am sweating my booty off!). I use an armband called Body Media Fit (like the Body Bug they use on Biggest Loser) so I know how many calories I burn a day. That way I know how much to eat. I'm trying to lose 2lbs/week so I need to keep a 1000 calorie deficit each day. Example-if I burn 2500 calories in a day I can eat up to 1500 calories a day. If I stick to this formula, I lose 2lbs/week. So simple yet at times so hard too. I don't always make my goal. But I don't give up and I won't till I'm done!

Monday, January 30, 2012

f****** period.

Being a woman is so unfair at times. Aunt Flo is on her way to town and of course that means massive water retention which interferes with my weight loss and makes me think I've actually gained weight. It also makes me wanna run for chocolate and fast food! Then I calm down and get over it.  So for the next week I won't really know if I'm losing, staying the same or what. GRRRRR!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Catch Up :)

Well I guess I've been busy ignoring my poor little blog and losing weight! Woot woot! I am now down all the baby weight plus some extra for a total of 42lbs lost! YAY! I feel great! I am so excited about this journey I'm on, especially now that I'm in the home stretch :)  It's within reach and I will not stop till I am at my goal....which is to be a healthy, active FIT mama! I don't have a specific number settled on but a range in where I think I'll be happy. My doctor told me he thought 17 more lbs and I will be there but I think maybe a little more. We'll see. (and the number I told him he said is healthy too. just might be hard to get to since I haven't been there in a VERY LONG TIME!)

I notice in my last post I was raving about the elliptical trainer....I have since changed my tune! I started to wear my BMF again (it's like a body bugg) and WOW! That evil machine DOES NOT BURN SHIT FOR CALORIES!!!! So I am back walking outside. I can walk really fast for an hour, go a little over 4 miles and burn 500 calories. I can even JOG some! (for those that know me well, running is something I DO NOT DO!!!!)

I'm pretty proud of myself. Weight loss isn't that difficult. Just takes time, patience and dedication. You really have to want to make a change. And I do. So I am :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catch Up Post!

Well once again I have been slacking on my blog. Shame on me! Lots of things going on here. Currently my legs HATE me for starting up an old relationship with the elliptical trainer. Can you say jello? They ache so much I almost don't want to go to sleep 'cause I'm sure it won't feel any better in the morning. Thank goodness for ibuprofen! When I first got on the machine, I thought "There is no way in hell I will make it 6 minutes on this thing let alone 60 minutes! How did I ever do this before?!?!" 15 minutes later I found my stride and stuck it out the entire hour! Go me! I also cannot believe I haven't been using the damn machine sooner. How could I have forgotten what a major calorie burner this baby is?!?! My daily 3 mile walk was burning somewhere in the neighborhood of 240 calories and took me 50 mins. 1 hour on my long lost BFF burns 779 calories! Incredible! It's funny the things you forget.

I've been a little discouraged with my progress lately and it caused me to have a cheat meal. Just one meal though and surprisingly it really didn't do any damage. I know this because I have a problem. A BIG problem. My big problem is I am addicted to the scale. I weigh myself EVERY morning. I know I shouldn't but I simply can't stop. It's like my version of heroin. I just can't quit. I NEED to know what my weight is and see my progress or lack of progress. And I know weight fluctuates daily. It's just so frustrating sometimes! Up one day, down the next and all I want to see is DOWN. I was complaining about it to my hubby when he asked me where I was overall. So I stopped bitching and checked my log. Since Oct 2nd (when I started keeping my log) I have lost 8lbs. I thought, "That's IT??" Then I thought about what today's date is and realized I have lost 8lbs in 3.5 weeks! Major upper! That's a little more than 2lbs/week! I'm so close to my first goal! 2 more lbs and the baby weight is gone! Then 5 more lbs and I will weigh what I did on our wedding day! Then it's seriously GAME ON.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feelin' good :)

I finally feel like I am back on track! Been eating well and drinking more water and have started walks again. I found a really great (and free) app on my phone that I can enter in what I eat and it tracks my calories for me so that's a big help. Almost all of my bad cravings are gone (except you evil delicious Starbucks and your yummy fall drinks). I looked into some yoga or pilates classes but the monthly fees were a little pricey so I got a couple different dvds to do instead. Much cheaper. I am so ready to be rid of my extra lbs and to shop for a new wardrobe! Weekly weigh in tomorrow!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm so happy that fall is finally here. Tired of the hot Vegas summer and ready to move on! Plus I love my fall wardrobe so much more than my summer one :)  Another reason I love fall is SOUP! I know, I know, you can eat soup anytime of year. Not me. There is just something about hot soup in the hot summer that doesn't work for me. Can't do it. Same thing with hot coffee. But I'm getting off track here. I just had the most filling lunch ever and it included soup! Progresso light soups are actually pretty tasty and very LOW in calories. A whole can of italian style vegetable soup is 140 calories! So that plus a yogurt (100 cals) and a sandwich (190) makes a 430 calorie lunch that feels like a 1000 calorie feast! Happy full tummy :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Got a new game plan!

The kiddos are momentarily occupied so I thought I'd get a quick post in! I have my plan of attack all worked out. I am going to do at least one physical activity (aside from chasing the babies around) every day, with Sunday being my rest day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday the hubs and I will either go on a walk or ride our bikes. Tuesday and Thursday will be lifting weights and Saturday with be either yoga or pilates. Sounds good right? Send me all your positivity to keep it up! Shooting for a loss of 15lbs (or more if I'm really good) by turkey day!