Thursday, May 19, 2011

my goal(s)

So I realized that I haven't mentioned any specific goals, other than "baby weight". I ended up gaining 50lbs with Noah (I blame the 10 wks of bed rest) and the first 25lbs dropped off fast with no effort. This last 25lbs, however, is not going away so easily. Hence the diet!

After I shed the baby weight, I am going to take this further. I want to be a healthy and active mama for my boys! At this point in time, I plan on losing an additional 25lbs for a total of 50! I know it's a big goal but I also know I can do it :)  I don't expect overnight results (I am realistic, but wouldn't that sure be nice?) so this will take some time. I'm using my blog as an extra form of accountability, so if any of my readers out there (hello? anyone?) feel like commenting-DO IT! Encouraging words, yell at me, whatever! I would love to hear other people's thoughts and experiences as well.

Side note-the m&m dreams are subsiding....

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