Thursday, May 26, 2011

This one's for Stacy :)

This blog post is for my #1 fan who texts me something almost everyday about my blog. Love her :) So you asked me about my diet. I'll give you a typical food day in the new healthy life of this mama!

Breakfast-COFFEE with splenda and fat free coffeemate creamer (powdered stuff)
                 4 eggo nutrigrain whole wheat low fat waffles plain (just cause I like 'em that way! Nate uses butter spray and sugar free syrup) total calories 325

AM snack-yoplait light yogurt (fat free & 100 calories)

Lunch-turkey sandwich with lettuce, mustard and sometimes 1 wedge laughing cow cheese
            1 oz fat free pretzels and 2 diced peach fruit cups (del monte no sugar added only 25 calories!)
            total calories 430

Afternoon snack-Jello chocolate pudding sugar free 60 calories

Dinner-whatever the hubs makes! around 500 calories

PM snack-100 calorie snack size popcorn & caff free diet coke (I DO want to sleep!)

I also make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day and usually have a diet coke (with caffeine) at lunch. I don't eat the exact same things everyday but this give you an idea. Nate gets our dinner recipes from Rocco DiSpirito's cookbook (the one I told you about before & I think you bought) and the Biggest Loser Family cookbook. Hope this answers your question! Love ya and keep up the AWESOME work! Dieting sucks but the results are truly worth it! Yay for getting healthy!

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