Friday, September 16, 2011

Back on track!

OK readers (Stacy&, no more messing around! GAME ON! No more excuses.  All the bdays and vacays and stuff are OVER so Hubby and I have both started 10wks of no cheating, eating healthy and exercising. This will bring us to Thanksgiving and let's be honest. There will be no dieting on Thanksgiving. PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!

Napa was a wonderful anniversary trip but the over indulging really got the best of me. Starbucks every morning, eating out every meal and all the wonderful wine tastings....ready???.....8 FREAKIN POUNDS GAINED!!!! WTF??!!??!! I gained more damn weight in 6 days of Napa than 2 weeks of eating pizza everyday in Iowa! How the hell does that make any sense?

Oh well it's over and I enjoyed every bite and sip so now it's time to just deal with it. I don't think I gained 8 true lbs though because the first day I went back to my healthy low cal, low fat diet I immediately dropped 1lb. I think all the sodium from the food & drinks was causing me to hang on to some serious water weight. We shall see next wednesday on my first "back to healthy living weigh in"!!!!

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