Tuesday, June 7, 2011

@llergies suck @ss!

So now that the evil wind has finally let up and it's supposed to be a beautiful day for a family hike out at red rock (yes Noah hikes. He's a very advanced 4mo old. lol) I wake up feeling like complete crap thanks to my allergies. You would think the windier days would have been my yucky feeling days right? Guess not! I started sneezing like crazy yesterday all day and today just feel like poo. Yes I take meds, I take two different meds! Sometimes the elements are just too powerful though. Ugh. Well hopefully I'll feel better soon. We're not going until later today so I have some time. And even if I don't feel better, I'm still going dang it! I love red rock! It'll be nice to have a scenery change for my exercise :)

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