Friday, June 24, 2011

Small Victory!

I just realized what a bad blogger I have been lately! First off my night out really threw me outta whack for a little bit! Then Nate & I got iphones so I have been obsessively playing with that and all the fun games you can download! Bad mama! Sorry to my readers :)  Oh and the babies and I have been playing outside in our little backyard oasis with sprinkler and baby pool!

Now for my small victory. I tried on a pair of capris from before I got preggo......and they fit!!!!! No better feeling and awesome motivation to keep going! YAY! This makes me so happy cause I was starting to feel like I was in a rut and not changing at all but I guess I was wrong. I am still looking forward to our trip though and taking a break from my strict diet! I almost caved a little early last night. We had been over at our friends house swimming and for some reason I really really wanted DQ afterwards. So hubby looked up a mini m&m blizzard for me.....ready?......370 calories and 18g of fat in a MINI!!!!!!! That curbed that craving right then and there! I couldn't believe it!

Well I will try and keep up better on my posts the next few days before we leave! I will also try and post a little on vacation :)

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